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Psychological Bulletin

For those interested in publishing synthetic research and meta-analysis on psychological issues in the discipline’s top journal.

Psychological Bulletin is a disciplinary journal that specializes in publishing evidence syntheses of existing research in psychology. As the journal describes in its statement of scope, synthetic research in this field should satisfy three chief goals: it should (1) assess the state of knowledge concerning the particular research of interest; (2) critically assess strengths and weaknesses of past research; and (3) discuss gaps in the past research, “thereby directing future research so it can yield a maximum amount of new information.” That said, published articles in the journal take many forms, including systematic reviews, meta-analysis, meta-reviews, and so on. The editors place particular emphasis on methodological transparency. Furthermore, though the journal prioritizes synthetic research in scientific psychology, it does consider “rigorous and thorough qualitative reviews” as well as “expository reviews,” provided that the peer reviewers and editorial board deem them “transparent, accurate, broad, clear, and pertinent.”

Psychological Bulletin has a monthly publication schedule that produces nearly fifty articles annually, and with a very impressive five-year impact factor of 28.705 (as of September 2021), it is a worthy journal for junior and senior researchers alike.

Review: September 2021

Word count: None listed, though published articles average around 9,000 words

Issues per year: Twelve

Current volume number: 147

Articles per year: 48–50

Citation style: APA

Abstract length (if required): 250 words maximum

Upcoming special issues (if available): Check the “Call for Submissions” page on the journal’s website

Relevant editors: Blair T. Johnson

Open access? No

Online? Yes

Submission method: Online

Submission fee: None

Bibliography (articles in the journal consulted for this review)

No articles listed

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