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Applied Linguistics

For those interested in publishing articles about applied linguistics, including from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. 

Founded in 1980, Applied Linguistics is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Oxford University Press. It remains one of the most excellent journals in the field of linguistics, and it obtained the highest impact factor in linguistics in 2016 and 2020. This journal usually publishes six issues per year, once every two months. This journal not only publishes research papers, but also conceptual articles as well as book reviews. Articles published here cover all aspects of applied linguistics, including discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, language education, bilingualism, multilingualism, and so on. Papers that discuss more than one issue—such as language education and multilingualism, or applied linguistics across different contexts—are also very popular and welcomed in this journal.

Word count: 8,500 words or fewer, inclusive of references

Issues per year: Six

Current volume number: 42

Articles per year: 48 or fewer

Citation style: Oxford HumSoc style

Abstract length (if required): 175 words or fewer

Upcoming special issues (if available): None

Relevant editors: Christina Higgins (editor); Sinfree Makoni, Glenn A. Martinez, Ron Martinez, and Anne-Marie Truscott de Mejía (associate editors)

Open access? Authors have the option to pay to make their articles freely available

Online? Yes

Submission method: Online

Submission fee: None

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