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L’Esprit Createur

For those interested in publishing articles in a prestigious international journal (and whose work aligns with the journal’s specific topic-based issues!).

In order to be published in this prestigious journal, you must write an article that matches its special theme of the season. L’Esprit Créateur publishes a spring, summer, fall, and winter issue every year, and each one “is topic-based, focusing on a specific author, genre, critical issue or methodological approach.” Since, for most guest-edited issues, you must submit a short biography about yourself, it seems unlikely that you will be published if you are a graduate student. Most articles that appear in the journal were penned by full professors. However, the journal publishes quite a few articles per issue, and you may have a shot at getting published if you know quite a lot about the specific topic of an issue. The articles published are quite well-written in general, so, whether you’re writing in English or French, it’s in your best interest to write with lively prose and to propose an unusual title. (This reviewer is particularly fond of Yasser Elhariry’s 2022 article “Blah” and of the issue title “What’s So Great About Roland Barthes?”)


  • Proust to Other Ends;
  • Libertine Botany;
  • Poétiques de l’émeute

Information Useful for Submission

Journal website

Issues per year: Four

Word limit: 6,000 words or less

Current issue: 62:2 (2022) Summer

Articles per year: 33-40

Citations per article: 20 citations or less

Endnotes per article: 10 endnotes/footnotes or less

Style manual: MLA (Modern Language Association of America) style

SJR: 0.143

JCR Impact Factor: JCR of .5 or under

Publisher: Johns Hopkins

Main editors: Daniel Brewer and Mária Minich Brewer

Submission guidelines (Note: Authors must always send proposals in English or French (250-300 words) together with a short biography to guest editors)


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