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Romance Notes

For those interested in publishing short articles on Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian (and other romance) language literatures.

Published by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Romance Notes publishes articles that concern the literatures and cultures of the Romance languages  (any language that originated in Latin, from the Roman empire). They accept submissions written in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. As a “note” journal, articles should be very short, between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Argumentative close readings that engage with the secondary scholarship predominate.

They welcome submissions on a diversity of topics, including gender, feminism, memory, literary history, theory, popular culture, and film. Most articles are on Spanish language topics and written in Spanish, but some articles are on French or Francophone works (written in French or English). It is unclear if this is because they receive more submissions in Spanish on Spanish topics.

Authors submit articles electronically (you have to make an account, register, then submit from that account). They have a number of PDF guides to help with this process. Romance Notes always send authors a receipt via email (to acknowledge that they have received your article).

It takes them about three to five months to evaluate articles.

 Useful for Submission

Word Count: 3,000 and 5,000 words (including all notes and works cited)

Issues per year: Three

Current volume number: No. 58, number 3

Articles per year: On average, about 15 per year.

Citation style: MLA. 8TH Edition.

Abstract length (if required):  250 words or less

Upcoming special issues (if available): Not currently listed on their website

Relevant Editors: Heather Minchew (Managing Editor) and Professor Irene Gómez-Castellano; also listed: Lucia Binotti, Cristina Carrasco, Emilio del Valle Escalante, Frank Domínguez, Maggie Fritz-Morkin, Juan Carlos González-Espitia, Oswaldo Estrada, Dorotea Heitsch, Carmen Hsu, Hasan Melehy, Rosa Perelmuter, Ennio Rao, Monica Rector, Alicia Rivero, Carolina Sá Carvalho Pereira, María A. Salgado, Jessica Tanner, Ellen Welch

Open access?: No, must have access through an institution or a subscription.

Online?: Yes, though Project MUSE.

Bibliography (articles in the journal consulted for this review)

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Connolly, Thomas C.” Baudelaire the Frequent Flyer: Prostitution, the Press, and How the Prose Poem Almost Sold its Soul.” Romance Notes, vol. 55 no. 3, 2015, pp. 463-474.

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