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Politics and Gender

For those interested in publishing articles that address the relationship between politics and gender, and women and politics.

By impact factor, this quarterly journal is ranked 59 out of 169 journals in political science and 7 out of 42 journals in women’s studies. It is an official American Political Science Association journal and publishes articles in all fields of political science, but with a focus on comparative politics. Special issues have included one on LGBTQ politics in 2018, and another on gender and conservatism. Titles often include the words “women” or “gender.” There is a journal section in which all the articles provide a critical perspective on a topic. For example, “Critical Perspectives on Men and Masculinities in Politics.” There does not appear to be much on race.

Useful for submission

 Word Count: No more than 30 pages

Issues per year: 4

Current volume number: 15

Citation style: APSA Style Manual

Abstract length: 200 words (or less)

Open access?: No

Online: Yes

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Associate Professor, Princeton University, Department of Comparative Literature and the Center for African American Studies. Author of Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. Instructor of Deep Reading Journals as Publishing Praxis.


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