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Online Social Networks and Media

For those interested in publishing data-driven articles or theoretical surveys investigating the complexities of social media and network content.

Online Social Networks and Media (ONSEM) is a peer-reviewed international journal that was founded in 2017 to address what the editors call “the most disruptive communication platforms of the last 15 years.” Though the journal is an interdisciplinary publication that has value for the social scientists, the majority of the articles published here are data-driven and quantitative, meant primarily for “the wide community of computer and network scientists working on developing OSNEM platforms and services and using OSNEM as a big data source to mine, learn and model the (online) human behavior.” That said, the journal “also welcomes contributions applying a wide range of (computer- and network-science) techniques and tools to OSNEM for investigating how social relationships affect other scientific fields, e.g., social and political sciences, economic and financial sciences, medical sciences.”

ONSEM has a welcoming online interface and allows a lot of flexibility in terms of formatting and citations for the initial submission. Turnaround time for submissions also tends to be quite fast. The journal publishes a mix of faculty and graduate students, and frequent calls for papers for special issues (or special clusters) offer especially good opportunities for more junior scholars to publish.

Review: October 2020

Word count: No length requirements specified, though published articles tend to be between 10,000 and 12,000 words, inclusive of notes

Issues per year: Six

Current volume number: 25 (each issue has a new volume number)

Articles per year: 20–26

Citation style: Submissions can use any citation style for initial submission, as long as that style is applied consistently

Abstract length (if required): Abstract required, but no length specified; published abstracts are under 200 words

Upcoming special issues (if available): Frequent special issue calls for papers are listed on the journal’s web page

Relevant editors: Marco Conti

Open access? Yes

Online? Yes

Submission method: Online

Submission fee: No

Bibliography (articles in the journal consulted for this review)

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Zhang, C., & Clough, P.D. (2020). Investigating clickbait in Chinese social media: A study of WeChat. Online Social Networks and Media, 19.

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