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Advances in Group Processes

For those interested in developing theories of group processes, particularly theories with a sociological focus.

Advances in Group Processes is a peer-reviewed publication that annually produces one book volume. Each volume contains theory-driven chapters that usually test and extend theories of power, status, justice, exchange, intergroup relations and social networks. While a few theoretical chapters appear every so often, most of the chapters are empirical pieces often using experimental methods. According to the publication’s website, “The series recognises the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and is therefore relevant to anyone who studies group related phenomena (decision making, power, stereotyping, altruism, emotions, social identity, status processes and so on) from sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy, computer science, mathematics and organizational behaviour.” According to Stanford sociologist Cecelia Ridgeway, “If you want to know what is really going on in group processes research, this series is the single best source. For 30 years, it has been the central focus of theoretical development and debate in the area.”

Not only is this book series theory-driven, but the chapters tend to be written by mathematical theorists, usually sociologists. Although the outlet claims to be interdisciplinary, most of the scholarship is produced by sociologists. While terms are always defined, the papers are highly technical, more so than other outlets. The chapters expect readers to be familiar with key theories and terminology—there’s no hand holding here.

This outlet is peer-reviewed, but publication is by invitation only. However, scholars are informally encouraged to write the editors pitching their ideas.

Review date: January 2020

Review date: January 2020

Word count: None stated, though published articles average just over 9,000 words in length

Issues per year: 1

Current volume number: 36

Articles per year: 7–12

Citation style: APA

Abstract length (if required): 200 words or fewer

Upcoming special issues (if available): None

Relevant editors: Shane Thye ( and Ed Lawler (

Open access? No

Online? Yes

Submission method: By email

Submission fee: None

Bibliography (articles in the journal consulted for this review)

Davis, J.L., & Love, T.P. (2017). Self-in-Self, Mind-in-Mind, Heart-in-Heart: The Future of Role-Taking, Perspective Taking, and Empathy. Advances in Group Processes, 34, 151–174.
Dippong, Joseph & Kalkhoff, Will. (2018). Modeling Small Group Status and Power Dynamics Using Vocal Accommodation. Advances in Group Processes, 35, 51–74.

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