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Women in French Studies

For those interested in publishing articles that concern feminist studies and the study of women in French and Francophone cultures.

WIF Studies publishes articles that foster the study of women and women writers in a French-speaking context. A search through their past tables of contents shows that the journal publishes a wide variety of articles, ranging from Marguerite de Navarre to Maryse Condé. They do not favor articles that concentrate on one time period; in one issue, one might see an article about Christine de Pizan (14th-century author) next to an article about Claire Legendre (21st-century author). It appears that any topic that concerns women or a woman writer would be welcome in this journal.

One can submit their article in either French or English; WIF Studies does not seem to prefer publishing in one language over the other. As for key words that appear in titles, gender stands out, as well as terms such as female, voice, authority, language, feminism, lesbianism, identity, etc. The journal had a few articles on film, demonstrating that the journal maintains an interest in publishing articles that do not only deal with texts. In sum, WIF Studies appears interested in a wide range of topics that cross many centuries. If your article concerns women and French/Francophone studies, submit to this journal. Note: their turnaround time for submissions is about 8 weeks according to their website.

 Useful for Submission

Word Count: They don’t list a word count but rather a page count: 15-20 pages, doubles spaced, including notes and list of works cited. They have a firm 20-page limit. Note: they prefer to have notes at the end of the paper and that those notes are kept to a minimum.

Issues per year: one per year, published in late fall; it also appears that every two years, they have one Special Issue (2014, 2016, 2018)

Current volume number: Volume 26 (Special Issue: Volume 7)

Articles per year: Special Issue 2018:19; 2018: 11 (Reviews: 17); 2017: 13 (Reviews: 18); Special Issue 2016: 9; 2016: 12 (Reviews: 12); 2015: 9 (Reviews: 3); Special Issue 2014: 18; 2014: 7 (Reviews: 10); 2013: 7 (Reviews: 7)

Citation style: MLA

Abstract length (if required): the website states: On a separate sheet, please also provide a brief summary of your contribution (I assume this means an abstract; no length is specified).

Upcoming special issues (if available): No information currently available on website about this

Relevant Editors: Executive Editor: Juliette Rogers ; Other editors: Grace Armstrong, Faith Beasley, Anne Donadey, Elissa Gelfaud, Paula Ruth Gilbert, Susan Ireland, Katharine Ann Jensen, Barbara Klaw, Christiane Makward, Bénédicte Monicat, Elisabeth-Christine Muelsch, Adriauna Paliyeuko, Patrice Proulx, Mary Rice-DeFosse,  Gill Rye, Samia Spencer, Felicia Sturzer, Carrie Tarr, Janie Vaupee, Cathy Yaudell

Open access?: No, must have institutional access to Project MUSE or a subscription through membership.

Online?: Yes

Bibliography (articles in the journal consulted for this review)

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