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Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture

For those interested in publishing articles that explore all areas of the history of Christianity in all time periods, locations, and contexts, although it used to be more narrowly focused on American Protestantism.

Church History was founded at The University of Chicago in 1932, with the aim of to “represent the best scholarship which America affords in the field of the history of Christianity.” In 1998, it moved to Duke University and added the subtitle “Studies in Christianity and Culture” which signaled the journal’s interest in moving beyond some of the connotations that the term “church history” brought to mind. Over the past two decades, the journal has broadened its focus to include the general study of Christianity in a variety of cultural contexts.

Following Laurie Maffly-Kipp’s 2013 Presidential Address, “The Burdens of Church History”, the journal has continued to move forward with the challenge of becoming even more “self-consciously comparative and international.”

It is also looking to publish articles that explore, “clearer and more nuanced studies of the varying notions of self in community that make up organizations.”

Church History is currently housed at the University of Minnesota.  The journal has a new and expanded editorial board representing its broad chronological, geographic, and methodological scope.

Useful for Submission

Word Count: 6,000-11,000 words (or approximately 20-35 pages), not including endnotes.

Issues per year: Four

Current volume number: 85

Articles per year: 27-30 (combination of stand-alone articles plus forums)

Citation style: Chicago Manual of Style

Abstract length (if required): 200 word abstract

Relevant Editors: Euan Cameron, Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University |Dana Robert, Boston University | Jon Sensbach, University of Florida | Andrea Sterk, University of Minnesota

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