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We give you the scuttlebutt on academic journals—aiding you in selecting the right journal for publication—in reviews that are sometimes snarky, sometimes lengthy, always helpful. Written by Princeton University graduate students and Wendy Laura Belcher.

Cultural Critique

For those interested in publishing transnational, transdisciplinary research with a strong theoretical component (especially Marxist) on cultural production as it appears in words, images, and sounds, especially in its aesthetic, economic, political, or ethical context. An influential journal.

It’s most cited articles (as of spring 2015, according to Harzing) were:

No. of cites Author Title Year published
112 N Badmington Theorizing posthumanism 2003
105 P Langley Uncertain subjects of Anglo-American financialization 2007
85 E Thacker Data made flesh: Biotechnology and the discourse of the posthuman 2003
56 ACGM Robben How traumatized societies remember: The aftermath of Argentina’s dirty war 2005
53 R William Human rights as geopolitics: Carl Schmitt and the legal form of American supremacy 2003
50 DS Traber LA’s” White Minority”: Punk and the Contradictions of Self-Marginalization 2001
42 M Rifkin Indigenizing Agamben: Rethinking Sovereignty in Light of the” Peculiar” Status of Native Peoples 2009
42 ES Mackie Welcome the outlaw: Pirates, maroons, and Caribbean countercultures 2005
39 R Rinaldo Space of resistance: the Puerto Rican cultural center and Humboldt Park 2002
34 GC Spivak Moving Devi 2001
33 R Rushton What can a face do? On Deleuze and faces 2002
31 G Lund  Healing the Nation: Medicolonial Discourse and the State of Emergency from Apartheid to Truth and Reconciliation 2003
31 L Bartlett, TB Byers Back to the future: The humanist matrix 2003
31 M Adejunmobi English and the audience of an African popular culture: The case of Nigerian video film 2002
30 KS Theidon Disarming the subject: remembering war and imagining citizenship in Peru 2003
29 N Pabst Blackness/mixedness: Contestations over crossing signs 2003
28 J Peck Why we shouldn’t be bored with the political economy versus cultural studies debate 2006
28 J Muthyala Reworlding America: the globalization of American studies 2001
27 TB Powell All colors flow into rainbows and nooses: the struggle to define academic multiculturalism 2003
26 T Siebers What can disability studies learn from the culture wars? 2003
25 S Dougherty The biopolitics of the killer virus novel 2001
25 J Lund Barbarian theorizing and the limits of Latin American exceptionalism 2001
25 E Glick The Dialectics of Dandyism 2001
24 RD Leppert Music” Pushed to the Edge of Existence”(Adorno, Listening, and the Question of Hope) 2005
24 J Link, MM Hall From the” Power of the Norm” to” Flexible Normalism”: Considerations after Foucault 2004
23 J Marx The Feminization of Globalization 2006
22 U Seshagiri Modernity’s (Yellow) Perils: Dr. Fu-Manchu and English Race Paranoia 2006
22 C Casarino, A Negri It’s a Powerful Life: A conversation on contemporary philosophy 2004
22 NK Hayles Afterword: The human in the posthuman 2003
22 J Didur Re-embodying technoscientific fantasies: Posthumanism, genetically modified foods, and the colonization of life 2003
21 Z Chaudhary Phantasmagoric aesthetics: Colonial violence and the management of perception 2005
21 KM Woodward Against wisdom: The social politics of anger and aging 2002
20 JE Braziel Haiti, Guantánamo, and the” One Indispensable Nation”: US Imperialism,” Apparent States,” and Postcolonial Problematics of Sovereignty 2006
20 J Wenzel Remembering the past’s future: Anti-imperialist nostalgia and some versions of the Third World 2006
20 TM Chen Internationalism and cultural experience: Soviet films and popular Chinese understandings of the future in the 1950s 2004
20 E Berlatsky Memory as Forgetting: The Problem of the Postmodern in Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting and Spiegelman’s Maus 2003
20 V Sanford From I, Rigoberta to the commissioning of truth: Maya women and the reshaping of Guatemalan history 2001

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