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Eighteenth-Century Life

Submit here if you’re writing about a canonical British author, have a historical (not theoretical) perspective, and want to talk about the author’s journals and letters in addition to literary works.

For those interested in publishing articles that focus specifically on eighteenth-century texts (mainly literary) or works of art, and investigate some aspect of eighteenth-century culture, be it historical, biographical, or otherwise contextual, including mapping a genre or aesthetic technique in a historical vein; often such cultural approaches are investigated with evidence based on close reading and extensive literary interpretation

“Committed to interdisciplinary exchange, Eighteenth-Century Life addresses all aspects of European and world culture during the long eighteenth century,” states the website. Articles frequently emphasize historical trends or contexts, which can involve not just historical context but also a biographical account of an author or subject’s life, problems of print culture/digital humanities, a specific motif in or aspect of a literary text that relates to eighteenth-century culture, or an aesthetic or generic approach. Articles routinely link the specific cultural detail they account for to a larger importance in the field, often thematic or historical, and typically less theoretical; to support the contextual, thematic and historical accounts articles frequently employ close reading and analysis of literary works.  The website suggests that they are interdisciplinary in focus—including “art, cultural studies, history, literature, music, science, and so on,” although I observed fewer articles on music and science than on the other categories (most articles addressed a literary problem within an author’s work with some relationship to history or cultural studies). (KT)

 Useful for Submission

Word Count: Not clearly stated, probably 6,000 to 8,000 words

Issues per year: 3

Current volume number: 41

Articles per year: appr. 9-12 (more if special issue)

Citation style: Chicago (specific style guide also online)

Abstract length (if required): N/A

Upcoming special issues (if available): not stated

Relevant Editors: Cedric D. Reverand II, University of Wyoming; Adam Potkay, Lynn Festa, Ashley Marshall on editorial board.

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