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Journal of Postcolonial Writing

For those interested in publishing on texts written in English after 1950, particularly on an individual postcolonial author or text; a critique of contemporary postcolonial theories; or a postcolonial approach to canonical texts.

Ranked No. 13 out of all literature journals by Google Metrics in 2019.

The Journal of Postcolonial Writing (formerly known as World Literature Written in English 1973-2004) focuses on literary and cultural texts in a variety of postcolonial locations around the world. The journal is interested in the interface between postcolonial writing, postcolonial and related theories, and the economic, political and cultural forces that shape contemporary global developments. The journal doesn’t only publish papers that focus on literary fiction, drama and poetry, but also publishes theory articles in a variety of genres and media including film, performance and other cultural practices that address the relevance of postcolonial studies. The goal of the journal is to promote and encourage the diasporic voices and visions, as well as any creative and critical texts from all around the world. Most articles are single-text studies. Several issues are outcomes of conferences or symposiums.

The journal has special issues that focus on themes and regional focuses. There are also interviews and profiles with particular writers and theorists. The publication also contains reviews of critical studies of contemporary writing. There is also opportunities to publish poetry and short prose fiction. Lastly, the journal also publishes archival material that is relevant to critical articles that are accepted for publication.

Useful for Submission

The article should include, title page, abstract, keywords, introduction, acknowledgment, disclosure statement, references, appendices, table with caption, figure and figure captions.

Word Count: no more than 7000 words, inclusive of the abstract, tables, references, figure captions, endnotes.

Issues per year: lots! 6 issues per year, eight articles per issue

Current volume number: Volume 54, 2018

Articles per year: 54 articles

Citation style: Harvard Citation Format

Abstract length (if required): Should contain an abstract of 150 words as well as 5, 6 keywords to make the article discoverable.

Upcoming special issues (if available): NA

Relevant Editors: Janet Wilson (The University of Northampton, UK) and Chris Ringrose (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

Open access?: Yes

Online?: Yes

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